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Channel 4 is to once again go behind closed doors to unpack our deepest, darkest desires and explore the wilder side of our sex lives in a new three-part series.

Building on the success of the first series of Sex Actually, which to date has been watched over one million times on All 4 and investigated the worlds of ‘cam sex’, BDSM and sexual wellness – presenter Alice Levine will examine a whole new host of sexual proclivities and meet those who are pushing the boundaries of sex, relationships and intimacy.

In the new series, Alice will explore the growing world of digi-sexuals – a community choosing to get sexy through computers, headsets or robots. As the world gets more automated, she will discover if we even need human interaction to have a happy and fulfilled sex life.

She will also get to grips with ‘relationship anarchy’ – the idea that no relationship – romantic or otherwise – should be bound by any rules not explicitly agreed upon by all parties. Alice will explore the notion that there is happiness and freedom, as well as better sex, in throwing out the relationship rulebook and embracing a new way of finding love.

Alice Levine said: “Even though the people of Gogglebox will likely once again spit out their dinner, I’m thrilled Channel 4 have decided to have me back to explore some more extraordinary love and relationships stories.

Working with Louis and the Mindhouse team on Sex Actually, from developing episode ideas to seeing the shows come together in the edit, has truly been a documentary masterclass. But, of course, some things you can’t teach, and ‘sitting in the corner of the room trying not to watch while people have sex’, is one of them. You’ve either got it, or you haven’t.

Key to the success of the first series was our shared sense of humour and curiosity, which led to some unforgettable TV moments. I can’t wait to continue this collaboration and capture some more.”

Louis Theroux, Creative Director of Mindhouse Productions, said: “I am very excited to be working with Alice Levine on a second series of Sex Actually. For me, making the first series was a huge privilege, having input behind the scenes, and for once not being the one at the coalface of the sex mine, but more shouting helpful hints down the shaft - have I worked this metaphor hard enough?..

“It was wonderful to see how Alice connected with warmth and insightfulness with such a wide variety of people in worlds that are often misunderstood. This time, with lockdown restrictions lifted, we are casting the net even wider. Expect even more exclusive access into ways of life and sexual pursuits, in the UK and elsewhere, guided by the inimitable Ms Levine, with plenty of jaw-dropping moments and frank discussions of bedroom matters, but also a whole lot of heart."

Anna Miralis, Commissioning Editor at Channel 4, said: “After the success of the first series of Sex Actually, we are delighted to welcome Alice and the Mindhouse team back to Channel 4 with another venture into the world of unconventional relationships. Alice’s naturally warm and curious style was what helped make the first series such a resounding success, and the second series is sure to treat these taboo subjects with the same insight and understanding.”

The second series of Sex Actually with Alice Levine is a 3x60’ produced by Mindhouse Productions.


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