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Channel 4 has ordered a new documentary following a group of extraordinary, brave women searching for their sons, husbands and brothers who have gone missing during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

With unique and intimate access, Russia’s Lost Sons (1x60’, w/t) is a deeply emotional journey, filmed over the course of a year by a team of independent Russian filmmakers.

As the women repeatedly try to get any official help to find their loved ones from largely unresponsive government offices, while they desperately search morgues and social media posts looking for news and ultimately join forces to help each other.

The film also features some of the men trying to record the true Russian death toll by visiting cemeteries to catalogue the graves, and interviews ardent Putin supporters who see the invasion as an inevitable step to extend and protect Russia’s “greatness”.

Evan Williams, executive producer says: “Working together with independent Russian filmmakers, over the course of a year filming with extreme care and sensitivity, Russia’s Lost Sons (w/t) is able to provide a unique, personal portrait of ordinary, but very brave, Russians who in their own way are also victims of Putin’s war.”

Russia’s Lost Sons (w/t) is produced by Evan Williams Productions, working together with filmmakers from the Russian independent media project ROMB, for Channel 4.


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