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Channel 4 has commissioned a single documentary ‘Nazanin’ by filmmaker and journalist Darius Bazargan that gives the definitive exclusive access into one of biggest international news stories of the last 6 years and follows the life of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s husband Richard and his family as he campaigns to bring his wife Nazanin home from detention in Iran.

For the first time, we will see the inner workings of this drama through the eyes of those actually caught up in it: Richard Ratcliffe, his young daughter Gabriella – and from Nazanin herself whilst detained in Iran.

‘Nazanin’ is an intimate access driven documentary – part love story, part political thriller. It has a human story with a big heart and mixes original, observational filming with never before seen material filmed by Nazanin herself about her ordeal.

We see her young daughter Gabriella trying to cope with the separation from her mother. We see the stress on Richard as he tries to juggle a media and political campaign to free his wife and raise his daughter. We follow Richard as he realises his wife’s detention is deeply connected to the complicated and toxic diplomatic relationship between Britain and Iran and to an unpaid debt going back half a century.

We have a privileged view of the family in London during the final tense, dramatic days, as a specialist British Foreign Office negotiating team in Tehran wrangle with the Revolutionary Guards over the price for her freedom, as the journey home unfolds and have exclusive pictures of the reunion at a British military airbase.

Nazanin will TX later this year. It is filmed and directed by Darius Bazargan, Exec produced by Ben de Pear and Commissioned by Nevine Mabro.


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