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In this brand-new short form comedy series, Channel 4 turn up the heat on comedians Alex Brooker, Kerry Godliman, Suzi Ruffell, Lou Sanders and Phil Wang, as they cook for some very demanding diners.

The five-part series produced by Ranga Bee for Channel 4 in partnership with Heinz is kicks off on Channel 4’s YouTube on 10th January, followed by All 4.

How will each comedian cope as they are forced to change up their go-to dish, when faced with their own hungry, but hard to please customers. What will they cook up when all they’ve got is their wits, some spare ingredients and a rather unhelpful talking microwave, voiced by comedian, Adam Riches.

The series launches with Kerry Godliman having to think fast to replace her signature dish, spanakopita (a Greek pie containing spinach and feta cheese) when she discovers the rugby team she is due to be catering for are all vegan.

Kerry Godliman said: “I had a fantastic time on Flex Kitchen. If you ignore the fact that the rugby team I was cooking for didn’t fancy what I was going to make, I had to cook outside and I had to share the kitchen with a talking microwave.”

Flex Kitchen was produced by Ranga Bee and Exec Produced by Benjamin Green and Jonny Kight. It is series produced by Russell Balkin and directed by Chris Faith. It was commissioned by Channel 4 Digital Commissioning Executive, Evie Buckley.

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