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A new E4 series, Blue Therapy 2 W/T, inspired by and from the producers of the YouTube hit, Blue Therapy, promises dramatic highs and lows as it looks into the complexities of modern relationships and ‘situationships’ via larger-than-life couples.

The series, which will be co-produced by the original creator of the YouTube series, Andy Amadi from Trend Centrl and Motion Content Group, will showcase a range of young couples facing extreme turbulence in their relationships as they embark on a series of relationship therapy sessions.

In this gripping new series, few subjects are left off the table as couples discuss relatable but divisive relationship issues around everything from dealing with income inequalities and sexual satisfaction (or the lack of it) to what happens when your partner’s family don’t approve...

This new entertainment series explores issues such as trust, lies, loves and lusts with a blend of constructed reality and high drama. While secrets will be revealed, arguments started and unrealistic expectations conveyed, ultimately will love win out?

Channel 4 Commissioning Editor, Vivienne Molokwu said: “Blue Therapy was an online sensation, so I’m really excited to be bringing this bigger, bolder series to E4...

“The producers have a clever way of fusing multiple stories that means we can ensure thoroughly dramatic, joyful and jaw dropping moments by the truck load. The series will again offer a window into relationships we rarely see on telly and I’m hoping that combination will lead to the series being as irresistible on E4 as it was online.”

Andy Amadi said: “Creating thought-provoking shows has always been my aim, so to be able to take Blue Therapy to another level by putting it in front of an E4 audience is absolutely insane. I know what our audiences want to see and we are here to deliver it in style!"

Deep Sehgal, Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Motion said: “The main aim of our partnership with Channel 4 is to bring more inclusive and entertaining narratives into the mainstream. Blue Therapy 2 W/T is a really engaging and compelling way of doing precisely that.”

Blue Therapy 2 W/T has been commissioned as part of Channel 4 and Motion Content Group’s Diverse Indies Fund, to boost commissions from small and medium sized ethnically diverse-led production companies.

Blue Therapy 2 W/T will land on E4 in 2023.


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