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Strictly Come Dancing 2020 winner Bill Bailey is reportedly in talks with the BBC about fronting his own travel series, which will focus on local performers and musicians to highlight the cultural aspects of each place.

Bill told the Daily Star On Sunday: "I’ve been offered the chance to do a show that would go to every ­continent. It would be about music and dance. And at each destination I would put on a show using local ­performers and musicians to highlight the cultural aspects there...

"We are thinking of calling it Earth Odyssey. We are ­hoping things will open up. But if they don’t, we will bring it down to a smaller show. So we’d be­ ­touring around Britain instead. There are lots of places here that I’d love to go to for it...

He continued: "I’ve been travelling around Britain for years for gigs. I’ve managed to go all around the country. So I’d love to bring some of that on to a show."

Filming on the potential series is expected to begin in 2022.

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