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Big Brother’s ‘Happy Happy Happy Camp’ shopping task continues as the majority of housemates wake up after spending the night in the garden - Olivia, Kerry, Paul and Jenkin have slept in the lounge after becoming ‘VIP Glampers’.

Big Brother gathers all housemates in the garden for a session of laughter yoga.

Big Brother says: “Housemates, welcome to Big Brother’s laughter yoga. Now, for any of you who are feeling down in the dumps, I’m about to wipe that frown right off your face. I want to see your biggest smiles. Come on Jordan.”

Big Brother adds: “Your task is to quite simply, laugh your heads off. You must all laugh simultaneously for five minutes without stopping to pass this part of the shopping task.”

Yesterday, Noky was left frustrated with Chanelle surrounding the decision on who would become ‘VIP Glampers’. Speaking with Chanelle, Noky says: “I really wanted you to feel empowered in that moment to say you wanted it in that moment. But then obviously it got more complicated when I then didn’t want to say that I wanted it because of the ‘deserving’ thing so I can tell why you would be confused.”

Chanelle says: “In future, if you wanted to speak to me, honestly if I ever did anything to upset you I would want you to know that you could literally take me to the side and have a conversation. Honestly, I’m so understanding. I know you have the best heart and it’s in the right place. It was definitely a mis-understanding.”

Later, Big Brother reveals the results of this week’s shopping task. Have housemates been successful or will they be left with an economy shopping budget this week?


Speaking about her reactions yesterday to the shopping task, Hallie says to her fellow housemates: “Guys I just want to say something. I had a bit of a diva moment yesterday and I want to apologise because it’s happened a few times now and yesterday was the breaking point of all divaness. I’m just going to from now on sit back and observe and take a chill pill and realise we’re all in this together and I don’t need to act like that. So, sorry guys.”

Hallie’s behaviour yesterday hadn’t gone unnoticed by her fellow housemates.

Speaking to Chanelle in the garden, Jenkin says: “She acts like dram’ and that doesn’t impress anyone. And I think when she goes off like this, for some people that’s entertainment and that’s what I find the most hardest thing is I feel like a lot of it is for show and I find it hard to have a conversation with her because she’s constantly stepping in the camera.”


Speaking to Trish in the garden, Jordan reveals that he is annoyed by something that Tom has said to him.

Jordan says: “Even last night when I was talking to Tom, he was like ‘You don’t do anything’ and I didn’t like it coming from him but I accept it coming from you because we have that connection.”

Later that day, Jordan says to Tom: “Tom I need to tell you, you know the dishes? I washed up so many dishes.”

Tom says: “I saw mate, I am proud of you.”

Jordan says: “That’s what I do every night, you just don’t notice.”

Will roles and responsibilities in the house continue to cause tension?

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.


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