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In today’s task, the housemates, wrapped in their warmest winter gear, will be competing for ‘cold, hard cash’.

Each housemate has been given a cube of ice; every cube contains a key in the centre. The first housemate to melt down their ice, retrieve the key and get to the diary room will win £1000 cash. Housemates may not pick up or attempt to pick up their ice block, they can only use their hands and body to melt the ice.

51 minutes into the task, the housemates are chatting about the coldest thing they’ve ever done.

Tom asks, “Jordan, what’s the coldest thing you’ve ever done?”

Jordan replies, “The coldest thing I’ve ever done was yesterday, when I ignored Henry… but I have an aversion to triangles so it was needs must.”

Henry laughs in response, Matty looks at him in disbelief that he just said that.

Later, Matty opens up to Trish about Jordan.

Referencing Jordan’s earlier comment, Matty asks, “Why is he still pretending like I’m not in the room?”

Trish responds, “Who?”

Matty says, “Jordan.”

Trish says, “Maybe he’s waiting for you to talk to him.”

Matty replies, “What?!? He’s the one who just started ignoring me and being spikey with me.”

Trish says, “Ugh, I don’t know what it is with Jordan.”

Matty says, “Nah like, its two days now and he’s still just pretending like… it’s just… and then I don’t want to sit with you guys all day because then he’s been pretending like I don’t exist and that makes me feel like shit. To have anyone pretend that you don’t exist, friend or foe, regardless is just not nice.”

A moment later in the conversation, Matty says, “He’s just so emotionally immature.”

Trish agrees, “Yeah, there’s no better way to put it to be honest.”

Will Matty confront Jordan about how his behaviour has made him feel? Tune in tonight to watch as thing get frosty among the housemates.


Yinrun and Trish are in the bedroom getting ready for the day. Jenkin comes over to them, and referencing him being nominated for eviction during the Hunger Games task, says, “Yo girls, can we just have a clean slate today?”

Trish responds, “I want to agree but I just don’t know if like I trust it.”

Jenkin says, “No that’s fine, I get it.”

Trish says, “We can be civil.”

Jenkin responds, “Yeah, I just want you to know that from my side there’s like no hard feelings or anything like that.”

Trish says, “I feel like I’ve had this conversation way too many times, where people come up to me and they like call truce and then it’s a bitch fest after about my character...

"Everyone’s allowed to have perspective on me but just don’t come and act like we’re cool if we’re not. I just like to be where we’re really at, I’m happy to be civil with everyone in the house but I don’t want to do fake community or fake village if I’m really not included when I’m not around.”

Jenkin responds, “Right, okay then.”

In the diary room, Trish speaks on the tension between herself and some of the housemates, “I’ve just kind of decided to just keep myself to myself, I think I’m kind of tired of like just feeling judged or misjudged and I think some people are dedicated to their misjudgment of me…”

“There just comes a time when you’re just tired, it’s just like… like why should I have to keep explaining who I am because you have this perception that you want to hold onto.”

Don’t miss tonight’s episode to watch as the divide deepens between the housemates. Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.


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