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Cameras have been given exclusive access to Uddingston-based Aquarius Creative, a thriving influencer agency business run by two driven, young female entrepreneurs. For several months they have followed their every move.

The series will capture just what it’s really like to be part of this extraordinary world, from glamorous travel to endless freebies, exclusive events and fame. With a roster of over 20 of the most sought-after influencers in Scotland, founders of the agency Kirsten and Amy have their sights set on global domination.

The series will follow the reality for both the agency and influencers - warts and all. Cameras will take a look into their lives at one of the most crucial times for the business, and the busiest times in their personal lives.

Steve Allen, commissioning executive for BBC Scotland: “This new series will offer audiences a rarely seen look into a world which has become so prevalent within today’s society. It’s a world which fascinates many of us but few of us have an understanding of. This series will give us that, offering a window into what goes on behind the gloss.”

Laura Capaldi, Executive Producer for IWC, says: “We are thrilled to be bringing this exciting new reality series to BBC Scotland. The real lives of the influencers, their agents, friends and family are fascinating to their hundreds of thousands of followers and we’re so excited to be able to show people what their lives are really like, behind the glitz and glamour.”

Amy and Kirsten, add: “We’re so excited to give viewers a look into the unfiltered side of the social media and influencer world!..

"We’re passionate about showing the creativity that goes into every Instagram post, whilst giving viewers a real insight into what it’s like to work in this competitive and fast-paced industry.”

The Reel Life (w/t) (6x30’) is an IWC production for BBC Scotland. It will be broadcast in 2023 on the BBC Scotland channel and BBC iPlayer.


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