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Nick Robinson’s Panorama interview with leader of Reform UK Nigel Farage will be broadcast at 7pm on Friday 21 June on BBC One. The interview with co-leader of the Green Party Adrian Ramsay has been rescheduled and will be broadcast at 7pm on Monday 24 June on BBC One.

The interview with leader of the Liberal Democrats, Ed Davey, will move from 8pm to 7.30pm on Friday 28 June on BBC One. These are part of a series of Panorama interview with the leaders of the seven biggest political parties in Great Britain.

There will now also be an additional Question Time Leaders’ Special, featuring representatives from Reform UK and the Green Party, broadcast on Friday 28 June at 8pm on BBC One. This will follow this week’s Question Time Leaders’ Special with representatives from the Conservative Party, the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP. Both programmes will be presented by Fiona Bruce.

The BBC explain: "The BBC has been keeping its programme schedules under review during the general election campaign. This added programme, and the changed peak-time scheduling slot for the Panorama interview, reflects the fact that it is clear from across a broad range of opinion polls that the support for Reform UK has been growing.

As a public service broadcaster the BBC recognises that the policies and proposals of the party deserve scrutiny at a time convenient for mass audiences.

In the interests of fairness we have offered the same scheduling opportunity to the Green Party."


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