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Andi Oliver’s A Taste of Home sees the chef travel to Glasgow to spend time with three very different households across the city.

There she accompanies them to their favourite neighbourhood food suppliers where they choose their ingredients, before cooking up a range of fantastic dishes to celebrate festive family get-togethers that reflect Glasgow’s vibrant diversity.

Andi Oliver said: “I think the best way to connect with people and places properly is often through their food. Whenever I’m somewhere new, spending time in markets, and visiting traditional shops and provisions suppliers always gets me right to the heart of a place. In this show I’ll also have the joy of being with knowledgeable locals preparing feasts for their friends and families to really give me insight into how a city changes and thrives based on its food culture. Heaven!!!”

Patrick McMahon, Commissioning Editor, said: “We are hugely excited about this treat of a show for BBC Two and iPlayer. With her passion for people, travel and good food, we couldn’t ask for a better guide than Andi, and I look forward to seeing what delights the people of Glasgow cook up for Christmas.”

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