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Reports: BBC set to bring back classic gameshow Blankety Blank after 14 years off air.

A TV insider told The Sun: “Blankety Blank was massive for the BBC and revisiting it seemed like a great idea in the current climate. Bradley is the favourite to be the new host but bosses behind the reboot also have discussed Paddy McGuinness and Rylan Clark as potential hosts. A pilot is being filmed later this year and if it’s a success, it’ll go on to become a new series."

“Everyone is confident it’ll be a hit and it’s a perfect fit for Saturday night. It’s likely to nab a primetime spot and cash will be pumped into the series if it does go ahead. Plans are still being worked on and the presenter has yet to be set in stone, as well as who’ll make up the first celebrity panel but it’s all very exciting. There is a hunger for fun, family programming and nostalgia seems to be a winner every time.”

This report is yet to be confirmed by the BBC.

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