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A brand new 6x60” series co-commissioned by BBC Factual and BBC England will chart the progress of new infantry recruits as they train to fight on the frontline in the British Army.

Soldier: Made In Yorkshire (w/t) follows a new intake on the gruelling six-month training course at the British Army’s Infantry Training Centre in Catterick, North Yorkshire.

The recruits will be pushed to their limits as they navigate the extreme ups and downs of their new world, and are transformed from young civilians into well-drilled soldiers.

After a period of economic instability where many sectors have faced recruitment issues, the British Army continues to attract young people into a career with the armed forces from all over Britain and the Commonwealth. If the fresh-faced recruits can pass the arduous course, they will take up roles in one of the British Army’s 18 regiments.

Over six episodes, the series for BBC One will chart the progress of the new recruits under the supervision of a dedicated team of military instructors, army chaplains and welfare support volunteers doing all they can to build each new recruit’s mental and physical endurance.

A spokesperson for the British Army says: "The British Army is greatly looking forward to collaborating with the BBC and Label1 on this new documentary on the Infantry Training Centre’s Combat Infantry Course, which provides the skills required for young men and women to become the next generation of infanteers in the Army of tomorrow...

"The training environment is a testing one which will present these young recruits with challenges they never thought achievable prior to enlistment. There will be many highs and lows, some will fail in their endeavours but all will leave Catterick having had the experiences of a lifetime and having formed lifelong friendships."

News on transmission dates will be released in due course.


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