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BBC One’s A Question of Sport, the longest continually running quiz show on TV, is back filming 10 new episodes, with social distancing in place. The first 8 episodes of the new series were recorded pre-lockdown in March.

The show will film without a studio audience, with adjustments also made to the format and some of the rounds. New desks for the teams have also been built, with each panellist socially distanced from the other. Another change is the fact the team captains and their guests are encouraged to have their discussions out loud, to compensate for the lack of an audience.

Executive Producer Gareth Edwards said: “There’s usually about 250 people in the audience, and they play a big part in the show, giving it a live theatre feel. It’s not that they wouldn’t want an audience back, but not having an audience gave it a more intimate feel."

He continued: “We dropped the bonus point for fairness in the first instance. But because we were lacking 250 people in the audience, we wanted to make sure there was an atmosphere in the studio still.”

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