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The BAFTA-nominated show returns with a two-part special taking viewers behind the scenes of a gripping police investigation into a woman who is plotting to have her ex-husband killed.

A man has handed Cambridgeshire police a secretly recorded conversation between his girlfriend, Victoria Breeden, and another man which appears to show that she is offering to pay him to have her ex-husband murdered.

The case is handed to DS Mike Barnshaw, who has to work out whether the recording is evidence that she really wanted him dead or is pillow talk with a man she has picked up on a dating site. He discovers that although she only recently met both men on a dating site, her obsession with her ex-husband goes back many years.

Officers urgently make sure the ex-husband is safe from a woman who appears to have something against him that is so strong that she wants to see him dead. Victoria Breeden is arrested and held in custody, while police trace more and more of the men in her life. All have a similar story to tell. As he tries to get more into the mind of his suspect, DS Barnshaw admits, 'in all my career I've never experienced anything like this'.

Cameras follow every twist and turn of a police investigation that involves the race to find the evidence which will unravel Victoria Breeden's plot against her ex-husband before they are forced to release her once again.

24 Hours In Police Custody airs Monday 4th January and Tuesday 5th January at 9pm on Channel 4.

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