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The 1970s was the decade when everything changed - from music, to fashion to holidays. But nothing changed more than the way we shopped, how we cooked and what we ate.

It was the golden era when convenience was king and BIG flavours took over from our bland, grey diet of meat and two veg.

The 1970s Supermarket is an immersive story of transformation, as Britain went from small, behind-the-counter shops to massive mega-stores with trolleys, booze sections and bar codes.

Experts and industry insiders reveal how our supermarkets grew and transformed, while TV Chef Rustie Lee and food scientist Dr Chris Clarke uncover the secrets behind the nation’s favourite dishes – how they got their bizarre looks, exquisite tastes and their incredible ability to last forever in the cupboard!

The Channel 5 series celebrates the new products that took the nation by storm, from Angel Delight to Findus Crispy Pancakes, Chicken Kievs and Vesta Beef Curry. Channel 5 have also confirmed that the format will return for a one-off Christmas special this December following the success of this Summer's series.

Exec producer Oliver Wright said: "The success of the series has really shown the viewers’ love for nostalgia TV, as well as the team’s ability to encapsulate the deliciousness of the 70s...

"Delving into Christmas, from Brut gift sets to Bernard Matthews Christmas turkey roasts will allow us to revel in that era at one of the most family friendly times of the year and will allow us to expand on what has been a real treat for Coming Up Roses."

The 1970s Supermarket is available now on My5.


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