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Bursting onto BBC Three, 15 rookie cooks aged 18-25 will have their cooking skills put to the test in Young MasterChef.

They will be put through their paces by Michelin-trained internet cooking sensation, Poppy O’Toole and renowned London chef, Kerth Gumbs. Who has got what it takes to become the first ever Young MasterChef champion?

The first five budding young cooks arrive for their first taste of the Young MasterChef kitchen. Tonight’s programme features a vegan entrepreneur from Knebworth, a DJ from Coventry, a Paediatric Nurse from Birmingham, a Mum from Dundee and a Psychology Student from Hackney.

Under the watchful eye of judges Poppy O’Toole and Kerth Gumbs, the contestants must cook a dish that represents their Personality on a Plate. Their dishes must show their mentors exactly who they are as cooks and prove they are ready to face the gruelling competition ahead.

With young people from all over the UK taking part in this brand-new series, all with ambitions for careers in the food scene, who can rise to the challenge? Only three cooks can make it through to the knockout stages of the competition. For two of them - their Young MasterChef journey is over.

Young Masterchef begins Monday 2nd January at 8pm on BBC Three.


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