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The Yorkshire Vet | Preview (Channel 5)

And following in their footsteps and upholding the Herriot ethos are a team of young vets at Donaldson’s practice in West Yorkshire.

They’re based at a state-of-the-art animal hospital in Huddersfield, but are a traditional mixed practice — their work involves caring for farm animals, wildlife and popular pets as well as some that are more exotic.

The vets in the series encounter all kinds of colourful characters, from children and kindly old ladies to larger-than-life, straight-talking farmers, and all set against the background of the stunning scenery of Yorkshire. In this episode, Peter deals with a late-night emergency at the practice, as Abbie rushes in with a sheep who’s pregnant with triplets.

The babies aren’t due for another three weeks, but Peter knows he has to get them out or all four lives are in danger. He later learns about the unique challenges Abbie faces as a farmer. Julian and Anne are about to open their new practice in Thirsk, but they’re nervously waiting for the final delivery of vital veterinary supplies.

When it arrives, not everything is quite as it should be. But there’s no time for teething problems as their first patient duly arrives — a pregnant Basset Hound called Gina, who’s rushed straight into theatre at the new surgery. Shona visits a very modern dairy farm where robots do a lot of the work, and one of the herd’s computerized collars has picked up on a problem.

As farmer James suspected, the cow has a twisted stomach. And when Shona investigates, she can tell immediately that it’s a bad one. Meanwhile, a little kitten needs a new home, and Peter knows just the place. It’s off to the Greens’ farm to see if cat-lover Jean has room for a little ‘un.

The Yorkshire Vet returns Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 5.


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