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Channel 5 have commission a new hour-long documentary exploring the 'Willy Wonka Chocolate Experience' in Glasgow which went viral and ended up being shut down by police.

Organisers of the Willy Wonka experience, House of Illuminati, were forced to cancel the event which promised a world of pure imagination, after parents who had paid £35 for a ticket turned up to an empty warehouse with a handful of Wonka-themed props and a small bouncy castle. 

The one-off programme will air on Saturday 16th March on Channel 5 and will be preceded by a repeat of Inside Cadbury: The Real Chocolate Factory.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain last week, actress Kirsty Patterson, who’s picture as an Oompa Loompa went viral said: “They told us this was going to be pantomime style and that we were going to perform as they walked through. But what happened is, they gave us the scripts the night before and I remember on the Friday when I went it looked like that… [an empty rubbish warehouse with nothing in it]...

"And I kind of thought to myself, surely they must have people working throughout the night for this to be better with lights and everything like that.” She added: “How would I describe it? It was tablecloths and a bunch of low IKEA mirrors.” 

Discussing the preparation they received as Oopma Loopma’s, Jenny Fogarty said: “When we asked about makeup and all, we were just told to improvise and just to do our makeup as crazy as we want, there was no direction.”

Revealing the chaos which then descended when opening up to the public, Kirsty said: “Right so this is my thought process at this point, I got given one of the one pound Poundland Oompa Loompa outfits and at that point, I tried it on and we were all just laughing and I was contemplating, do I just walk out? This is just too much like I can't deal with this? The other actors were amazing...

"And I didn't want to let them down but then I started seeing the kids coming in and they were all dressed up and they were all so cute and I just didn't want to let them down. They were so excited and it was just such a shame.”

The Willy Wonka Scam airs Saturday 16th March on Channel 5.


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