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Following on from the success of Murray’s previous appearance on the channel in Why Does Everyone Hate the English?, the new series will broadcast on Sky HISTORY from Wednesday 20th October 2021.

In each episode Al will tackle Britain’s relations with a different one-time military adversary, ranging from France and Germany to those who have occupied Britain at various points before being unceremoniously ejected, such as the Romans and Vikings, finishing with that fairest of all fair-weather friends, the Americans.

Episode 1 - Napoleonic Wars: Al is joined by proud Frenchman Fred Sirieix, from First Dates, to separate the fact from the fiction of the Napoleonic wars.

Episode 2 - October 27: Second World War: Al joins forces with German comedian Henning Wehn to delve deeper into the truth behind some WW2 myths.

Episode 3 - American War of Independence: In this episode Al is joined by comedian Reginald D. Hunter. They explore one of the world’s superpowers and the richest nation on Earth to discover how the former British colony of America somehow slipped through its fingers.

Episode 4 - The Vikings It’s 865 AD and the Great Heathen Army, the Vikings, have invaded Britain. Al takes up his sword to discover the truth behind how the Vikings were so successful in Britain. John Thomson represents the northern Viking horde as they explore the truth behind what Vikings really looked like, before they get ready for a Viking wedding.

Episode 5 - Roman Conquest: Al is joined by Bruno Tonioli to look at key battle tactics during the Roman Invasion.

Episode 6 - Scotland versus England: In this episode Al meets ‘the Auld Enemy’, where bitter sibling rivalry is as strong today as it’s ever been. Joined by Sanjeev Kohli, Al visits Craufurdland Castle to explore the truth behind famous battles from the wars of Scottish Independence.

Al Murray said: “Barely a day goes by in the UK without someone mentioning one war or another, so Sky HISTORY has asked me, with the help of some of the country’s friends – who used to be our enemies – to take a look at the trail of victory and defeat that leads us to the present day.”


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