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Channel 5 has greenlit Who Will Love My Doggy?, a brand new 3 x 60’ series from Cardiff based Boom, part of ITV Studios. The series has a simple mission – to find loving new homes for dogs whose previous owners can no longer care for them.

‘Who Will Love My Doggy?’ addresses a national problem – more of us are owning dogs than ever before (10 million households and counting!), but more and more senior pets need to be re-housed when their owners can no longer look after them.

And when older dogs need to be re-housed, it takes far longer to find the poor, heartbroken pooch a new forever family. This series provides an uplifting solution that will help our doggies find love again, ahead of time, with the help of a new initiative.

Each episode will focus on three stories, starting with the backstory of the dog and its owner. The owner – or surviving relative – will explain why the time has come for this loving pet to be rehomed. The dog will then be brought to our New Home centre, based at dog charity Jerry Green Dog Rescue following its ground-breaking ‘Meet and Match’ scheme which finds loving homes for dogs in need of adoption.

Our team of expert dog matchmakers will be on hand, ready to meet the dog and take a full history. Once they have all the information, our matchmakers will retire to their incident room and scour their database for suitable potential owners.

Once a possible new home and family have been chosen, they will be invited to the centre for a meet and greet. Our centre – and the dogs – will thoroughly vet the prospective new owners to see if this is a possible pairing. Will it be a match made in heaven or do they not just click?

If the matchmakers do not believe that the family are right for the dog, then it’s back to the incident room and the search will continue – with other families brought in for possible meetings.

Dan Louw, Commissioning Editor, Channel 5 & Paramount + commented: “It’s time for Britain to show some love to the pooches who need it most. We should all stop buying dodgy designer breeds, and instead provide a safe, loving home to these true national treasures of the pet world. ‘Who Will Love My Doggy?’ will be an ultimately uplifting emotional rollercoaster, and might be the only programme idea that has (almost) made me cry in a pitch meeting.”

Sam Grace, Creative Director & Executive Producer, Boom added: “Boom is delighted to be working again with Channel 5 on this highly emotional series that highlights the importance of finding new homes for much loved dogs whose owners can sadly no longer care for them. The UK is a nation of dog-lovers, and from our base in Wales we are excited by the opportunity to create a heart-warming series that will appeal to all.”

The series is set to begin filming later on this summer and is expected to air on Channel 5 later on this year.


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