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The BBC has commissioned new drama We Go Again (working title) from award-winning writer Janice Okoh (Sanditon, Hetty Feather).

The six-part series is based on Janice’s play Three Birds, winner of the prestigious Bruntwood Playwriting Prize, and is made for BBC Three and BBC iPlayer by The Forge Entertainment (The Buccaneers, Help, Ackley Bridge), a Banijay UK Company.

We Go Again (w/t) is a comedy drama about three stubbornly optimistic siblings with a dark secret. When their mum disappears, they will do anything to keep it quiet so they can stay together as a family, but – as feistily resilient and fiercely loyal as they are - can they really outwit the authorities and carry on with life under the radar?

We Go Again (w/t) is an irreverent portrait of black working-class teenage life. A coming-of-age story of sorts. The first times; the f*ck-ups and the excruciating desire to be more grown up than you are or that you might be ready for. It’s a celebration of black joy; of council estates and corner shops. Of working-class living and working-class dreams. It is human and tender, with a thumping great heart.

Creator and writer Janice Okoh says: “It’s been an exciting and joyous process working with The Forge and BBC Three to bring these vibrant characters to television. I hope the audience loves them as much as I do.”

George Ormond, executive producer for The Forge says: “Janice’s scripts are a blast of fresh air – fearless, laugh out loud funny, surprising and often moving. We can’t wait to bring them to the screen.”

Lindsay Salt, Director of BBC Drama, says: “Janice Okoh’s We Go Again is the perfect mix of beautifully-drawn, captivating characters and a compelling plot that will have you desperate to know what comes next. Poignant, funny and full of life, We Go Again offers a distinctive new spin on the family drama and we can’t wait to begin filming in Birmingham and Coventry.”

Filming will take place in and around Birmingham and Coventry later this year.


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