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What to watch this week.

Beat The Chasers

Monday-Friday, ITV

The return of the quiz in which contestants from across the UK take on a team consisting of Jenny `The Vixen" Ryan, Anne `The Governess" Hegerty, Shaun `The Dark Destroyer" Wallace, Mark `The Beast" Labbett and Darragh `The Menace" Ennis hoping to win big money.

The Money Maker

Tuesday, Channel 4

Entrepreneur and investor Eric Collins sets out to help struggling British businesses, offering them not only his expertise and business acumen but also a game-changing investment designed to change their fortunes around.

The Battle For Britney

Wednesday, BBC Two

Mobeen Azhar attempts to untangle the complexities surrounding the controversial conservatorship Britney Spears has been under for the last 13 years.


Wednesday, Sky One

South London paramedic Maleek is not impressed by new partner Wendy, a middle-aged divorcee who has just moved to the capital.

Johnny Vegas: Carry On Glamping

Wednesday, Channel 4

This documentary follows comedian Johnny Vegas and his assistant Bev see through their plans to create the county's coolest glamping site.


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