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It's been confirmed that Waterloo Road will return to BBC One in 2024, with filming on the new series due to commence next month, according to reports.

Originally airing on the BBC from 2006 to 2015, before being rebooted earlier this year, Waterloo Road was one of the UK’s most popular and longest-running TV dramas, with an impressive alumni of dynamic characters and award-winning storylines.

The newest version of Waterloo Road uses its rich history of telling entertaining and gripping human stories while tackling the important issues of the day. The new series is set and made in Greater Manchester and produced by award-winning Wall To Wall in co-production with Rope Ladder Fiction.

Before that, a third series will air on BBC One this Autumn - the show's thirteenth in total. In the final episode of the most recent series, Waterloo Road launches their new school radio, and Danny uses it to try to make amends for past mistakes, leaving Myles burning with fury.

As Myles’s actions begin to catch up with him, he’s alienated by his peers and vows to get his revenge, causing the school to be rocked by an event with deadly consequences.

A short trailer at the end of the episode revealed what to expect for the next series, which is expected to air on BBC One this Autumn.

Previous series of Waterloo Road are available to stream now on BBC iPlayer.


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