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ITV announces the recommission of ‘Unwind with ITV’ – a nightly series of calming and reflective programming encouraging mindfulness and self care - for a further year.

The new series features footage filmed with artists including Shirley Kirkcaldy, Mark Fielding, Tim Gee, Luke Shepherd, Paul and Ann Blockley. As ever, viewers can expect ASMR-inspired animations, tips and tricks from members of the public on how they like to relax, and readings of poetry and prose.

Each will immerse the viewer in a space that will promote relaxation and reflection. ITV has commissioned new graphic animations and bespoke music through BMG: The New Music Company.

Following its launch in 2021, the series has attracted over 8.3 million viewers, with an average of 1.5 million tuning in monthly. The series has been welcomed by new parents, insomnia sufferers and night shift workers, and its success has led to expansion as the series is set to film in more areas of the UK including the Scilly Isles.

Produced by Rock Oyster Media for broadcast on ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, STV and ITV Hub, Unwind with ITV represents what is believed to be a world first, offering viewers a new episode of mindfulness content 365 days a year.

The series demonstrates ITV’s commitment to mental wellbeing, which includes the award-winning Britain Get Talking campaign, which earlier this year celebrated 100 million new or more meaningful conversations started as a result of the campaign since its launch in 2019.

With more of a focus on 16-34 year olds, ITV2 and Campaign Against LIving Miserably have continued their partnership in 2022. Their most recent campaign has led almost 1 million young people to take action to support their mental health.

Susie Braun, Director of Social Purpose, ITV said: “Unwind with ITV has grown a huge audience with its unique recipe of mindful footage and inspiration. We hope with this new series people can continue to pause and reflect, whatever’s keeping them awake. ITV’s social purpose is shaping culture for good, and Unwind with ITV is a quiet and wonderful way to support mental wellbeing.”

Adam Mitchell, Head of ITV Programme Strategy Communication, ITV said: “I'm delighted to say that Unwind with ITV is returning for another year. We originally commissioned Unwind to provide an accessible space for anybody to take time to relax and reflect, and so far we've managed to support over 8 million people. We have some great ideas for the new series and hope anybody who finds themselves awake, for whatever reason, will find them just as peaceful and calming.”

Meg Keegan, Producer, Rock Oyster Media said: "Rock Oyster Media are absolutely delighted to have been commissioned to do a second series of Unwind With ITV...

"For this series we’re expanding our offering to include a variety of artists and craft makers, more voice over, and cutting edge graphics along with a bespoke soundtrack provided by BMG. More than ever, people need a place to relax and unwind and we’re thrilled to be a part of facilitating that."


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