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The extraordinary true story of Delia Balmer, who survived a near-fatal relationship with murderer John Sweeney, is the subject of a new four-part drama, Until I Kill You, starring Anna Maxwell Martin and Shaun Evans.

In 1991 Delia leads an itinerant and solitary life in London working as an agency nurse. When she meets fellow free-spirit John Sweeney in a local pub, it seems like the connection she has been searching for.

As the relationship develops, Sweeney’s artistic, anti-establishment persona gives way to a darker side, culminating in a series of violent attacks on Delia, during which he tells her he killed his former girlfriend and disposed of her body in an Amsterdam canal.

Sweeney is arrested but, due to a catastrophic failure by the court to realise how dangerous he is, granted bail. He immediately pursues Delia and subjects her to a horrific, near-fatal attack. She survives, but Sweeney evades capture and disappears.

Shattered by the trauma and injuries inflicted by Sweeney, Delia bravely seeks to rebuild her life. But Sweeney returns seven years later and is arrested for the murder of another girlfriend in North London. Delia’s fragile recovery is shattered all over again as she has to face Sweeney in open court, her testimony vital to the prosecution case against him.

This is the story of one woman’s astonishing will to survive through physical and emotional torment, despite the failings of the institutions which were meant to protect her.

Episode 1: Delia meets John Sweeney in a local pub, sparking an unexpected romance. As the relationship develops, Delia begins to suspect John is hiding a murderous past.

Episode 2: When Sweeney's violent nature is finally revealed, Delia uses all her guile to escape with her life. In Amsterdam, police try to identify a body that might be linked to Sweeney.

Episode 3: With Delia in a critical condition, the police try to find Sweeney. Can Delia pick up the pieces of her life with Sweeney still at large?

Episode 4: A terrified Delia must face Sweeney again in court to ensure his conviction. But the traumatic outcome of the trial has a profound effect on her life.

Until I Kill You is expected to air this Autumn on ITV1.


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