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The BBC reality series which has got everybody talking is set to return for a second series, according to reports.

The Traitors, made by Studio Lambert Scotland, is an intense psychological game in which players must decide who they can trust. In each episode, the players work together to complete spectacular physical and mental missions.

If they are successful, they add money to a prize pot, which is worth up to £120,000. But to win the prize pot, players must survive to the end of the game – they must avoid being ‘murdered’ or ‘banished’.

The series has become one of the BBC's most talked about programmes of the year, with a reported five million viewers tuning in for its first episode. Reports from The Mirror suggest the BBC are eyeing up a celebrity version.

A source told The Mirror: "“Everyone’s been thrilled with how much love there’s been for The Traitors and a celebrity version is a natural next step. Viewers will get to see different sides of some big names as they try to manipulate others or uncover the truth about fellow players.”"

A source previously told The Daily Star: "The Traitors has become a big hit after just a few weeks. It was a no-brainer to commission another series. Everyone is hoping it will be even more popular by next year and become one of the biggest shows on TV."

At the start of the game, a small number of players are secretly selected by Claudia to be The Traitors. The rest of the players are known as ‘The Faithful’ and none of The Faithful know who The Traitors are.

Players are eliminated in one of two ways; each night, The Traitors meet in secret and decide to ‘murder’ one of The Faithful and next morning when the group meet for breakfast the ‘murdered’ player does not appear.

Then, later in the day, all the players meet at the ‘Round Table’ and decide to ‘banish’ a player they suspect of being a Traitor. Whomever they pick will then reveal if they are indeed a Traitor or a Faithful.

At the end of the game, the few remaining players will share the prize pot if they are all Faithful, but if there is still a Traitor among them, the Traitor takes all the prize money.

The BBC declined to comment when approached by TV Zone. Watch Series 1 of The Traitors now on BBC iPlayer.


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