ITV Daytime hosts return with a brand new promo for September (below)

ITV have revealed a new promo teasing the new season of ITV Daytime, which begins next Tuesday 1st September.

Piers & Susanna, Lorraine and Phillip & Holly all return to the studio with Good Morning Britain, Lorraine and This Morning.


Susanna: “We’ve had a hair cut.”

Piers: “And a pint.”

Holly: “We’ve been reunited with loved ones.”

Stacey: “Out to eat.”

Brenda: “Met friends.”

Holly: “Back to school.”

Phillip: “And adjusted to a new normal.”

Lorraine: “We’ve had twists and turns.”

Judi: “We’ve had ups and downs.”

Andrea: “We’ve begun…”

Lorraine: “... to expect the unexpected.”

Holly: “What will September bring?”

Phil: “No matter what comes next.”

Nadia: “We’re with you…”

Lorraine: “...every step of the way.”

Susanna: “In a world where everything is different.”

Piers: “Not everything needs to be a new normal.”

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