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Netflix have commissioned new drama Toxic Town, steeling the story of a town's fight for justice after 19 children were born with deformities following a 'botched steelworks clean up'.

The series, which will start production this Summer, is written by Jack Thorne and will star Jodie Whittaker, Brendan Coyle, Aimee Lou Wood, Rory Kinnear and Robert Carlyle.

The series is based on one of the UK's biggest environmental scandals which saw families of those affected take Corby Council to the high court in an attempt to force them to take responsibility.

Jack Thorne said: "The Corby Toxic Waste Case is one of those moments in history that is defining. It showed our ability to close our eyes and ears to the safety of our people. It also showed the remarkable way that people will fight for what's right...

"Toxic Town tells the story of these funny, brave, incredible women and the way they scrapped for their children. It has been a true privilege working with Annabel, Minkie, Delyth and the whole Broke & Bones family on this incredible story, and we are so grateful to Netflix for giving us the opportunity and support in telling it."

Executive producer Annabel Jones, best known for Black Mirror, said: "We are thrilled to be working with the hugely talented Jack Thorne. He is the voice of this generation and brings an intelligence, an intensity and an empathy to the human story behind this landmark case. Jack compassionately explores the interplay between a local community’s desire for economic prosperity and the environmental and human cost. A story which is as pertinent today as it was then."

More details will be announced in due course.


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