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Belfast based Tern TV will celebrate the Britain’s tiniest islands in a new four-part series for Channel 4.

According to the Ordnance Survey, there are 6289 islands scattered across our waters but only 803 are large enough to be drawn on a map and even fewer of these islands are inhabited. What these tiny islands lack in size they make up for in natural beauty, diverse wildlife, and cultural heritage.

Across each episode we will learn about the past inhabitants, from saints to prisoners of war, and meet the extraordinary people, from farmers and fisherman, artists and monks, who live and work on these rugged and breath-taking landscapes today. This remarkable series will celebrate these small but perfectly formed worlds, delving into the gripping local history and sharing the traditions and folklore of the communities who live there.

Head of Tern, Belfast, Brendan Hughes said: “It is exciting to be working with Jo Street, Deborah and Naomi again. As a Nations indie we take pride in highlighting those smaller communities who are hidden in plain sight. They are there if we look for them. In Tiny Islands we will hit a sweet spot mixing beautiful locations with truly engaging people.”

Naomi Rose said “This visually arresting series will offer our viewers a trip around the British isles, meeting the communities who build lives and businesses in these remote corners of the UK. We are excited to be working with Tern to bring this celebratory series to viewers.”

Tiny Islands was commissioned for Channel 4 by commissioning editors, Deborah Dunnett and Naomi Rose with Head of Daytime and Features, Jo Street. Brendan Hughes is the Executive Producer for Tern Television. The series was co-funded by Northern Ireland Screen.


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