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The show sees four people all claim to be the same person and all own the same house. The catch - three of them are actors. At stake is a cash prize, and all the real homeowner has to do to win is tell the truth.

This is MY House starts on Wednesday 24 March at 9pm on BBC One and will also be available on BBC iPlayer.

Interview: BBC Press

Tell us about your role on the show.

This is such a fun show, I am part of the panel and we are guessing who out of four contributors, owns the house. They go into such detail of why they bought the house, how they decorated it, even as far as telling us about their partner! It’s our job to try and identify the real homeowner and win them some cash.

What made you want to be a part of the show?

I think because I am a little bit nosy to be honest! I enjoy the guessing game, I liked the thought of people trying to convince me this was their house. I think when you look at society, and how our perceptions are formed by the way people dress, where they live, and looking at their different relationships, it’s really interesting and that drew me in to the show. I thought I’d easily be able to spot the liars, it’s a real life game of Guess Who? and who doesn’t like that?

Who had the best eye for honesty on the panel?

Jamali was great, he had a real way of taking the information and processing it without saying much, and then he’d come to a conclusion and most of the time he was right!

What were you looking for when trying to identify the real homeowner?

I was looking for answers where they weren’t exaggerating too much, and I was trying not to focus on stereotypes as it’s unfortunate that as humans we often do that.

Were there any surprises or shocking moments during filming?

There were some shocking things that people did on the house tours where I thought, this has to be your house for you to do that!

Then there was a couple of contestants on one of the episodes and I was so shocked about the result, I couldn’t believe they had lied to me, I almost took that one personally! They really fooled me. The competitiveness between the contributors was also shocking, there was catty comments and they were acting like enemies to try and convince us.

What have you learnt about your fellow panellists?

We all had such different ideas and perceptions about people which was interesting, and we can all misjudge people. Plus we are all nosy, and loved the process of investigating together, we worked really well as a team. We all used our backgrounds and different experiences in life to come to a conclusion together.

Was there any competition between the panel?

We actually worked really well together, we trusted whoever made the final decision even though sometimes they went against what we had all said. It felt really lighthearted and fun. However when I had an incline, I really tried to persuade the rest of the panel to agree with me, I didn’t always get it right, but I was convincing nevertheless!


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