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PREVIEW: The Wall Versus Celebrities (New Years Eve)

Danny Dyer hosts as actor Sally Lindsay and broadcaster Alex Brooker take on the infamous Wall, hoping to win big for their chosen charities.

How was it to be part of The Wall?

It was brilliant! It was so exciting. It looks tense on TV but when you're there in front of The Wall and you're watching the balls go down, it’s proper knots in stomach tense! It was great fun though and I absolutely loved it.

How did you feel going into the game?

I just hoped that Sally and I were going to win something for the charities because we just wanted to do well for them. So, I was nervous because you don't want to feel like you've let a charity down in some way even though it is just a game. There was a bit of pressure but I just wanted to do well.

We decided I was going to be the one that puts the balls in and chooses which numbers to go on so Sally was under more pressure in a way because she was going to be the one answering the questions.

Did you and Sally have a strategy in place beforehand?

Sally is genuinely really intelligent so we thought to ourselves that she would answer the questions and that was the best way to go.

The Wall Versus Celebrities airs New Year's Eve at 6:40pm on BBC One.


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