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The Traitors | Week 3 Preview (BBC One)

The Traitors continues this week on BBC One and iPlayer as the hit reality series enters its third week...

Wednesday: The ultimate psychological reality show passes the halfway mark. And as the Traitors complete their biggest challenge yet, the castle is rocked forever by the murderous clans’ actions when another Faithful faces their death.

With emotions running high, the Faithful seek revenge at the Round Table, but will the Traitors go undetected, or will they be fighting for their places in the game?

Thursday: After a shocking Round Table the previous evening, things get heated after breakfast as speculations rise over a possible new Traitor. Focus and precision are needed if the players are to build the all-important prize pot and protect themselves from murder.

With the next Round Table looming, pressure mounts and bonds break, but who will be the one to fall on their sword?

Friday: As the drama continues, another murder victim is revealed at breakfast. The players race against the clock to escape from a treacherous cabin in a mission that could earn them up to £8,000. But will a Traitor’s decision change the course of the game?

At the Round Table, with numbers dwindling, everybody is under scrutiny. Who will manage to escape banishment?

The Traitors continues Wednesday-Friday at 9pm on BBC One.

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