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The Traitors | Week 2 Preview (BBC One)

The Traitors continues this week on BBC One and iPlayer as the hit reality series enters its second week. Images below are from previous episodes.

Wednesday: After a jaw-dropping Round Table, things get quite complicated for the Traitors as Claudia delivers a shock twist. Suspicion mounts amongst the Faithful, and in the Mission, the players have quite the balancing act when they attempt to add more money to the prize pot.

As darkness descends on the castle, the Players must banish again at the Round Table. Will the Traitors manage to stay undetected?

Thursday: As the players reel from the revelations at the Round Table, in the dead of the night, the Traitors plot their next move. As a new day beckons, £10,000 is at stake. The players face one of their toughest missions yet, leaving them fired up for the next Round Table.

A brutal banishment leaves one player in tears, and as the castle reels from the events of the evening, the Traitors must decide which Faithful to set their sights on next.

Friday: As the game reaches the halfway point, the Faithful wonder which of their comrades won’t be joining them for breakfast. But they haven’t got long to mourn, because the Players must regroup before embarking on a very grave mission.

Back at the castle, who can avoid the spotlight at the Round Table? And just when you think it’s all over, Claudia has a surprise up her sleeve for the Traitors.

The Traitors continues Wednesday-Friday at 9pm on BBC One.


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