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This new series of Shut-ins follows two people as they attempt to regain control of their lives. In this first episode, we meet 23-year-old AJ from Airdrie, who has been mostly shut in for the last six years - partly down to physical reasons and also to escape being mocked and shamed.

AJ's weight issues began as a child and bullying at school led to even more eating. AJ is now barely able to move and has to rely on mum Sharon for all aspects of care. Sharon is also coming to terms with AJ's decision to identify as non-binary and AJ wanting to have gender surgery in the future.

Right now though, AJ's weight is putting a strain on their health; walking across a room and climbing the stairs is challenging and AJ also needs a sleep mask at night to help with their breathing. Feeling like life has hit rock bottom, they consult bariatric surgeon Professor Kerrigan who declines to offer surgery until both AJ and Sharon make some major changes to their diet and lifestyle - including specialist psychological help so they can better understand their experiences.

The Shut-ins: Britain's Fattest People begins Monday 18th January at 10pm on Channel 4.

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