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Channel 4 have commissioned a new documentary which will follow winner of The Piano, Lucy. Lucy, who is blind and neurodiverse, went viral when her performance aired on TV earlier this year.

Lucy’s outstanding talent will be explored further in a one-off documentary which will follow Lucy and her piano teacher, Daniel. The 1x70 commission will delve further into Lucy’s connection to the world around her and how she communicates throughmusic.

Lucy, aged 13, from West Yorkshire won in the second week of the competition at Leeds City Station before going on to win the entire competition during the final. The documentary will give an insight into Lucy's home life, and follow the work her music teacher Daniel does, who helped develop her talents from the age of 2.

Music is how she communicates and makes her way in the world. Her rendition of Chopin’s Nocturne in B# Minor literally left Lang Lang speechless and Mika flummoxed at her depth and understanding of music.

A source told The Sun: "Seeing Lucy in the competition naturally made millions of viewers curious about how she had managed to nurture her talent. Her story is incredible and deserves to be shared with the wider world, not least because she could inspire other people, as well as their loved ones who may be in a similar situation."

Lucy's mum Candice prevously said: "Lucy was really young when she started playing a keyboard, about 2 years old. We were at home and she had a lot of musical toys to play with, but Lucy wasn’t just pressing the buttons she was making rhythm and music, and I thought that was interesting...

"From a fairy tale book with a piano on it, she started playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but it was pitch perfect. It was such a moment to hear that. We upgraded the keyboard and she just absolutely loved playing music sitting on the couch, and in her head she was composing...

"Then an even bigger keyboard when she was about 4 or 5 and she was playing My Way by Frank Sinatra perfectly, I couldn’t believe it. It only took one listen to the music and she could play it back on the keyboard. At primary school I was asked what was she interested in, and I said the piano. The teacher recommended the Amber Trust and that is where we found Daniel and the rest is history."

The Lucy documentary is directed by Poppy Goodheart and executive produced by Kira Phillips.


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