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Cameras are rolling on the eagerly awaited second series of critically lauded BBC comedy The Other One (5 x 30’) which is set to return to BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

The Other One follows a girl called Catherine Walcott and another girl called Catherine Walcott - sisters who had no idea the other existed until their father dropped dead. A comedy about what happens when you discover your dead dad has a secret family and you now have a brand new sister, The Other One is a love letter to siblings, mothers, and crap dads.

Series two sees further Walcotts emerging from the woodwork, with Cathy Walcott (Ellie White) and sister Cat Walcott (Lauren Socha) reeling from the news they have a brother called Callum (Christopher Jeffries). And that Cathy got off with him. Horrific inter-familial misdemeanours aside, Cathy is determined to get her work and love life back on track, though the exciting opportunities coming her way might not be all they appear and her ex-fiance Marcus (Amit Shah) is continuing to loiter.

David Simpson, Head of Tiger Aspect Comedy, says: “It’s such fantastic news we’ll be returning to this hilarious and unpredictable story. Holly and Pippa’s writing continues to sparkle with creativity and wit and I’m so excited to see the wonderful cast bring everything to life.”

Ben Caudell, Commissioning Editor for the BBC, says: “There’s a wonderful mix of wit and warmth in The Other One, brought to life by a brilliant, vivacious cast, so it’s fantastic it’s coming back. Also, the first series ended on such a cliff-hanger that we had to do a second series just so I can find out what happens next.”


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