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The Cruise: All at Sea | Preview (Channel 5)

With a ‘no kids’ policy, Scarlet Lady and Valiant are ships that promise escapism and plenty of fun for those who set sail with them. But, naturally, it’s not all plain sailing. The crew, above and below deck, have many roles to fulfill to keep guests happy and the ship running smoothly.

From tricky demands from the sailors to last-minute challenges on the bridge, the series follows the jeopardy as it unfolds and the characters that make these worlds come alive.

In the first episode, we are introduced to some of the key characters on Scarlet Lady, who are integral to life on-board the ship. We start the series in the hustle and bustle of embarkation day at its home port of Miami, Florida.

As over 1,000 crew beaver away to get the ship ready for new passengers, the bridge team have strong winds to contend with — will they be able to set sail? Captain Giovanni — a suave Italian with decades of experience on the seas — takes everything in his stride.

There may be difficult weather conditions brewing, but he’s not a man to be fazed. Second captain Georgia, who trained in Southampton in the UK, is on hand to help with big decisions and is Giovanni’s righthand woman. She’s also planning a special surprise for her boss…

Meanwhile, an outgoing passenger has trashed a suite and given housekeeping and maintenance a tricky job to deal with before the new guest arrives. Will they be able to fix the problem in time? New sailors are getting stuck into life onboard, including Brits Damian and Paul, who are both celebrating special birthdays.

They start their trip with a meal in one of the poshest restaurants available. Will the chefs be able to deliver on what’s promised? Foodie and unforgettable ‘greeter’ Ryan is a man with boundless amounts of energy. He’s not only welcoming new sailors on-board, but steering the first night’s ‘grog walk’ around the ship.

But when some passengers don’t turn up, he has a decision to make… Selma, one of the ships main ‘rockstar’ agents, is dealing with demands and requests from her VIPs, including two ladies who have missed their dinner reservations and are not happy about it!

The Cruise: All At Sea begins Sunday 19th June at 9pm on Channel 5.


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