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The BBC has commissioned This City is Ours, an epic new crime drama created by writer Stephen Butchard (The Good Mothers, The Last Kingdom, Five Daughters) and made by Left Bank Pictures (The Crown, Quiz, Sitting in Limbo) for BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

This City is Ours is the story of Michael, a man who for all of his adult life has been involved in organised crime... but for the first time in his life, Michael is in love. For the first time in his life, he sees beyond the day-to-day, he sees a future: something to win and something to lose - Diana.

This City is Ours tells the story of Michael and Diana's love affair, set against the disintegration of Michael’s crime gang. For years, together with his friend Ronnie, Michael has successfully been bringing cocaine into the City and beyond, directly from Columbia; but when a shipment goes missing, then he knows their Kingdom is under attack.

This City explores what happens when Ronnie’s son Jamie decides he wants to inherit their kingdom and that there is no longer a place for Michael at the table. Both Michael and Jamie have bold ideas to modernise the gang and they will battle for control of it. But Michael’s biggest battle will be to save the woman he loves and the child he has always wanted.

This is a story about family and love destroyed and corrupted by ambition, pride and greed. It’s a story about power: what we will do to secure and keep it.

Stephen Butchard, This City is Ours creator, lead writer and executive producer says: “I’m so excited to be working with the brilliant Left Bank and the wonderful commissioning team at BBC Drama. Set in the very real, chilling, but mostly unseen universe of organised crime, This City is Ours is a story of love, greed, ambition and power - and what we will do to seize and hold on to that power.”

Andy Harries, CEO of Left Bank Pictures and executive producer on This City is Ours says: “This City is Ours is a visceral, gripping dynastic tale from one of the UK’s most exciting writers. The scripts pack a real punch and we’re thrilled that the BBC have given the series their backing.”

Lindsay Salt, Director of BBC Drama says: “This City is Ours is character-driven crime drama that demands to be seen. Stephen Butchard’s vibrant and propulsive scripts offer a new take on the genre, mixing power politics with the brutality of gang life. It’s drama at its most tense!”

This City is Ours will film in and around Liverpool, with additional filming in Spain, later this year.


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