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Following yesterday’s ratings, Dorothy (Scott) and Tally have only 24 hours to impress their fellow players in order to stay in the game. Syed (Hashu) has a private chat with Tally to give her a pep talk. He messages: “Uncle Syed is here for you… keep smiling and keep shining.”

Andy opens a chat with Manrika to see how she’s feeling about Tally being in the bottom two. Manrika talks about where her head is at with her loyalty being divided between Felix and Tally; she tells Andy that she’s been having doubts about Tally but also isn’t sure if her mind has been clouded by Felix. “I love Tally, but my heart’s telling me something isn’t right”. Andy tells Manrika to go with her gut.

The Circle gives the players a new game, Agony Aunts, in which the at-risk players Dorothy (Scott) and Tally will both answer dilemmas anonymously sent to them by the other players. Felix (Natalya) asks “I feel like my friend is pretending to be someone that they’re not. How do I ask them without offending them?”, which makes some of the other catfish players wonder if the question is subtly directed towards them.

Emma Willis arrives in The Circle with an alert for the players. The fate of the two at-risk players Dorothy (Scott) and Tally will be decided by only one other player: The Blocker.

The five safe players, Vithun, Gemma (James), Andy, Felix (Natalya) and Manrika each vote for who they want to be The Blocker and the person with the majority vote will be the sole player to decide between blocking Dorothy or Tally. Who will the players decide to give this power to? And which of the two at-risk players will The Blocker choose?

The safe blockers vote on who should be The Blocker - Gemma is puzzled when Manrika votes for Andy instead of her - someone who is more likely to protect Tally.

The players eventually come round to voting for Andy.

Andy privately reflects on the doubts he's had about both Dorothy and Tally, and notes that the ratings seem to suggest other players have had suspicions about Tally, but also considers that his circle allies might prefer to block Dorothy.

After considering his choice, Andy decides to block Tally. Shortly afterwards, Tally is one her way to meet another player face to face.

The Circle continues Monday at 10pm on Channel 4 and All4.


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