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It launched with a six-part celebrity edition in aid of Stand Up To Cancer.

Speaking about her acting turn, Emma Willis jokes, “Just like The Circle itself, it’s pretty fun getting to try on a new identity. I loved having a sneaky little walk-on part in the trailer, though I probably won’t hold my breath for a Hollywood blockbuster audition.”

The mysterious trailer, which will appears on air from Saturday, sees The Circle reimagined as a futuristic establishment where citizens can come to boost their influence and “say goodbye to the unpopular you”. Emma will be back as host of the new series, with the popularity contest promising more “mischief and drama” to come.

The starts entering The Circle are Baga Chipz, Charlotte Crosby, Denise van Outen, Duncan James, Lady Leshurr, Saffron Barker. And playing the game as double acts controlling one profile are: Kaye Adams and Nadia Sawalha, Rickie Haywood-Williams and Melvin Odoom, Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks.

With some of the celebs playing as themselves and others taking on a celebrity catfish persona, this edition of the game will see suspicions heightened and gameplaying galore as the celebs compete for the title of most popular player.

This will lead in to Series Three of the main series, which will be twenty-one episodes long.

The most talked about apartment block in Britain welcomes a new set of residents who will live in separate apartments and befriend each other using only a social media platform called The Circle. In the popularity game where anyone can be anyone players rate each other based on whom they like – and dislike. Competing against each other, the most popular players gain power and unpopular players get blocked.

Both series are voiced by Sophie Willan and presented by Emma Willis.

The Circle returns this March on Channel 4.


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