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The Circle challenges the players to create a book cover for another player. The covers must include a title, a tagline, a blurb, a recommended retail price and a review with star-rating.

Femi (Joey) is tasked with creating a cover for a book about Andy and takes the opportunity to air his feelings, following their disagreement the previous day. Femi chooses the title ‘The Non-Strategic Entrepreneur’ with the tagline ‘A guide on how not to get to know people’.

The blurb reads: “If you don’t want to make friends in The Circle, this book is a perfect guide to helping you do just that...”

The players are shocked to read this, with Syed saying, “Oh my days, these are major shots being fired…”

But Pippa says: “Everyone’s been banging on about how much we love honesty and Femi’s done it, so you can’t fault the boy."

Alert! The players get ready to make their most important ratings to date. Plus, Emma makes a surprise visit to The Circle and she has an announcement.

The Circle continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4.

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