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Influencers Andy and Syed (Hashu) make their decision on who to block.

The blocked player is removed from The Circle, but before they leave The Circle gives them the chance to choose one player to meet face to face…

Connections are being made, and loyalties formed, but does Syed (Hashu) already have regrets about not going in as himself as other players begin revealing more about themselves to him?

When a player opens up in a private chat about their emotive family history, Syed (Hashu) questions whether being a catfish will make it harder for him to be a shoulder to cry on in The Circle. Syed (Hashu) worries, “When people open up to me, and I’m like shit I’m a catfish…”

He decides: “the best thing for me to do, with a situation like this, is just be me. As long as I filter myself through Syed, there is genuine good intention there.”

He adds: “…I’m finding it harder by the day to play this game, should I have just come in as myself? It’s such a mindfuck.”

Later on, another alert tells the players that they will decide the Tallys’ fate: One will stay in the game and one will be permanently blocked.

Blue Tally (OG Tally) and Orange Tally (Yolanda) have one final private chat filled with tension, before host Emma Willis pays the players a visit and tells them “It’s now time for the game of clones to come to an end…

The two Tallys state their case for being saved, but who will face the block – Blue Tally (OG Tally) or Orange Tally (Yolanda)?

The Circle continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4 and All4.


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