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Tonight, we see who Syed (Hashu) and Manrika have decided to block out of Andy, Dorothy (Scott) and Felix (Natalya). The two new players Tom (Joey and Pippa) and Alice (Shabaz) are immune from this blocking. Tensions are high as the two influencers each had different ideas on who to block but must come to a shared decision.

The next morning, the Players reel from the blocking and have an emotional catch up in the Circle chat.

The Players play a game of fill-in-the-blank in which they must answer prompts with the name of a fellow Player, followed by a second blank such as who they shouldn’t trust. Newbies Tom (Joey and Pippa) and Alice (Shabaz) use the game as an opportunity to stir things up with the previous players. Will they create a rift in any of the relationships in The Circle?

After the game, Tom (Joey and Pippa) invite Manrika into a private chat and try to reassure her about what was said.

After the game, the longest standing players start to suspect that either Tom or Alice could be Pippa and Joey. They hatch a plan to see whether their suspicions are correct

In an animal themed party, the Players get to test their animal instincts in another game, which will also reveal who they think fits into various roles.

It’s revealed that the last blocking will happen tomorrow, with the surviving Players becoming Finalists.

The Circle continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4 and All4.


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