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Presented by BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Snoochie Shy, the six-part series gives young, hopeful candidates a chance to shoot their shot to get their dream jobs.

For each episode of The Career Games (working title), three candidates will compete against each other in a high pressure, supersized job interview for the role of their dreams, whether that’s high end estate agent, football coach, interior designer or radio DJ.

With challenges drawn up and overseen by their potential future boss, each episode will put the candidates’ abilities to the test, pushing them to their limits. They’ve got one shot. Who will get the job?

Filming now in locations across the UK, the pre-watershed series will give an insight into different careers for young people entering the jobs market.

Snoochie Shy says: “So excited to be solo hosting my first BBC TV show and it being The Career Games makes it even better!!! This is gonna be such a great show, the candidates are all amazing and I’m having the most fun presenting it! Let’s get dishing out some sick jobs!”

Broadcast details will be announced in due course.

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