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The 1% Club has become the biggest game show on UK television over 2023 and to date with its current series averaging 5.8 million viewers in consolidated figures. 

The show’s ratings success also makes it  ITV's biggest original game show in a decade.

Hosted by Lee Mack, the show’s success has gone from strength to strength, increasing its audience since its launch two years ago. While Series 1, which launched in 2022, reached an average of 5.3 million, the second series climbed to 5.4 million. 

The 1% Club has proved popular Saturday night viewing for all generations, including young people. The most recent episode of the latest series, on Saturday 6th April was the most watched programme for 16-34 year olds that evening with 44% of that demographic tuning in - and the  overall most watched programme of the night, with a 34% overall share of viewers. 

This primetime entertainment format is not about what you learned at school or your ability to memorise facts – it’s about real intelligence and a chance to test your brain through a series of questions that often lead to extremely entertaining answers which sees host Lee Mack interacting with the contestants.

Everyone is on a level playing field and that means that anyone can play along, making it the show for family and friends to watch together.

If you’re smart enough, you could earn yourself a place in the 1% Club, an elite group of people who can honestly say that they’re smarter than 99% of the population - how many people will get to answer the 1% question this series, and will they risk the £10,000 already in the bank by facing that all-elusive final question for a crack at winning the £100,000 prize pot, or will they decide that they’d rather play it safe?

The 1% Club continues every Saturday on ITV1.


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