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ITV commissions COVID documentary from Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald.

The special documentary will tell the story of Coronavirus in Britain through the experience of people immersed in its impact, both personally and professionally.  

The Year That Changed Britain (working title), has secured unprecedented access to intensive care units [ICUs] across the country - from the Whittington Hospital in London to The Royal Preston Hospital in Lancashire. The film begins before the pandemic became a worldwide medical emergency and stretches through full lockdown into the peak of the crisis and beyond.

Through powerful personal testimony as well as observational footage the programme documents their individual stories as the Coronavirus surge hits and they reach their lowest ebb.

Cameras are also present at moments of extraordinary breakthrough, where the fightback against a deadly virus brings stories of hope, optimism and the promise of a better future.

The film will be released in UK and Irish cinemas by Altitude Film Distribution in 2021.

Kevin Macdonald's film credits include One Day In September (1999) which won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, along with Touching The Void (2003), The Last King of Scotland (2006) and 2018's Whitney.

The film's director Kevin Macdonald says: "As we are living with the unfolding pandemic we are enduring and adapting to how this affects us all, this film is crucial to our comprehension of what our future will look like. We are able to watch first hand how the landscape of our lives changes. It is a pleasure to be working with Jo at ITV as well as the team from Docsville Studios."

Jo Clinton Davis, controller of Factual for ITV, says: "This ambitious film promises to provide a remarkable perspective on the pandemic - especially through the unique lens of Kevin Macdonald. This will be a truly in-depth and deeply human portrait of both medics and patients in real time as events unfolded. A landmark documentary to mark the year that changed us all."


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