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Maze Master Richard Ayoade guides a team of five intrepid adventurers on an epic game show quest through four fantastical zones: Futuristic, Aztec, Medieval and Industrial.

Within the zones, the team must tackle Skill, Physical, Mystery and Mental challenges, in a bid to win crystals. Each elusive crystal gives the team five seconds in The Crystal Dome, where they hope to collect gold tokens to win prizes.

In the first episode of the seventh series, the Sasani Family and Friends - a postal worker, a hairdresser and three police staff - hope to bring order to the maze.

The Crystal Maze has traditionally aired during a primetime slot on Channel 4. However, the new series has somewhat been degraded to an afternoon slot on E4.

The new series will consist of civilian episodes. The celebrity specials, which Channel 4 have been sitting on for a while, WILL air later this year.

Brand new The Crystal Maze begins Sunday 15th November at 4:55pm on E4.

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