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The ITV teen drama is set to return for a second series with filming reportedly due to commence in June 2023.

Tell Me Everything is a drama about growing up in small-town Britain in the 2020s. It’s about those teenage years when the world is opening up to you in all its messy, drunken, dangerous, brilliant glory.

The cast is led by rising stars Eden H. Davies, Lauryn Ajufo, Spike Fearn and Callina Liang as 16-year-old friends Jonny, Louis, Neve and Mei. The series introduces viewers to 16-year-old Jonny Murphy, who is trying his best to navigate through this world.

Growing up hasn’t been easy, and although loved by his friends and family, Jonny suffers from undiagnosed depression and anxiety which he does his best to hide. So when he is faced with the most gut-wrenching tragedy, Jonny has to decide – is he going to let events overtake him or is he going to learn how to live?

His oldest friends, Louis and Neve, are battling their own issues and emotional struggles, yet continue to be there for Jonny. Tell Me Everything is created and written by Mark O’ Sullivan.

Series 1 of Tell Me Everything is available to stream for free on ITVX now. ITV have not confirmed the recommission.


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