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PREVIEW: Teen First Dates (01/03/21)

With a familiar welcome from the BAFTA Award-winning First Dates maître d' Fred Sirieix, the brand-new Manchester restaurant opens its doors to a raft of tender teens.

Although he has four older sisters to take advice from, roofer Joe feels giddy when it comes to girls and dreads awkward silences. His date is cheerleader and music student Katie, who is hoping to find a boyfriend to make a song and dance about. But when Joe makes a faux pas about Katie's height, will she rise above it?

Caitlyn and Baillie bond over their mental health experiences - and a love of steak.

Bristolian rapper Freddie - aka MC Fredstar - meets Ella from Exeter, who's studying to become a teacher and taught herself the periodic table by rapping.

Primped, preened and primed for love, 18-year-old make-up artist Gregor from Glasgow meets fellow Scot Dylan.

Teen First Dates continues Mondays at 10pm with the full boxset available now on All4.


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